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Cherokee Tomato Saga Part 1- See Cherokee Green for part 2.

Cherokee Purple is a wildly popular heirloom with a very interesting story. Talk about a hand-me-down, the story goes that these tomatoes were being grown in Tennessee pre 1890 by Cherokee Indians. A family in the state had been growing them for years before they were handed off, either by fruit or seed, to a guy named John Green. Mr. Green is responsible for getting these seed in the hands of tomato expert Craig LeHoullier of North Carolina. LeHoullier in turn passed the seeds around making it possible for us all to enjoy them today. LeHoullier is also credited for giving them the name Cherokee Purple. Give these indeterminate heirlooms full sun and expect 5 in tomatoes weighing about 10-12 oz.

Depth 1/4"
Spacing 24"-36"
Germ. 7-14 Days
Maturity ~85 Days

90% Germination Jan. 2022

Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds

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