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Be+ Granules 3-6-5

With almost 50 years of quality under their belt, Be Organics has formulated Be+ which will help bring your garden back to life!
Be+ is the result of combining their two awesome products, Be1 and Be2, into a single, easy application product that is loaded with nutrition and beneficial microbes.

Check out the ingredients! 
Simple ingredients... that you can recognize and pronounce. 
No funny business here... what more could you want!?

This 2.2 lb bag can be used to amend up to 50 gallons of soil (~6 cubic ft.) depending on use applications. There is a chart of recommended ratios on the bag. 
It doesn't stop there! Use Be+ as a monthly topdress, use it to make a tea, or use it as a compost or bokashi accelerator thanks to the beneficial microbes.

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Be+ Granules 3-6-5 | 100% Natural Fertilizer 2.2 lbs.

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