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Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds




  • Romaine is a variation of romain... French feminine for Roman. It was called lattuga romana in Italian and laitue romaine in French, both meaning "Roman lettuce"... Therefore you MUST use it in your Caesar salad
  • Parris Island romaine is durable in hot humid weather and perfect for southern gardeners and summer growers
  • The lettuce is named after Parris Island in South Carolina
  • Parris Island was purchased in 1715 by Colonel Alexander Parris and now has his name
  • Parris Island was developed by Clemson University and named after the island


Parris Island was initially inhabited by American aboriginals prior to the Spanish and the French Huguenots' occupation. The island was later occupied the British as well.


Depth 1/4"

Spacing 8"-10"

Germ 2-10 Days

Maturity 55 days

Germination 98% May 2021

Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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