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These tomatoes delicious, divinely dark and daring you to devour. The skin on these tomatoes is a deep blue-black while the inside a deep red. Now repeat after me AN-THO-CY-AN-INS...Anthocyanins are the chemical compounds that give fruits their dark hue... this tomato is loaded. According to NCBI Anthocyanins possess antidiabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-obesity effects, as well as prevention of cardiovascular diseases.For the darkest fruits possible, make sure your magnesium levels and sun exposure are good.(Options dolomitic lime or magnesium sulfate aka epsom salt)Give them the care they need and expect plenty tomatoes 3-7 oz. in size.Depth 1/4"Spacing 24"Germ 7-14 DaysMaturity ~80 Days

Black Beauty Tomato Seeds

Back in stock end of may
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