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Raised Beds

Are you wanting to grow your favorite foods or ornamental plants with style? We can build your custom bed for you as well as deliver and install. To ensure that your vegetable seeds start in a healthy environment, we use solid untreated wood and apply tung oil to waterproof it. This, coupled with a 4 mil plastic liner, ensures no harmful chemicals can leach into your soil while also giving the wood protection that will last for years. If you want color, ask about our environmentally friendly paint options! Get started below!


The Process


Tung Oil and Paint

Since your custom garden will be built using non-pressure treated wood, it is important to use a safe method of treating the wood that not only protects it from the elements but also looks amazing. Tung oil enhances the natural beauty of any wood while offering water proof protection as well.

If you really want your garden to make a statement, let's explore the possibilities in environmentally friendly paint. Rest assured that this non-toxic option will not only be safe for your plants but will look amazing as well.


Let's Get Started!

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