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Tennesseeds Hydro Farm


Tennesseeds started out as a small hydroponic venture to feed our family and has grown into a passion of producing excellent vegetable seeds. However, vegetable seeds are not all that we do. Check out our custom garden bed page as well as our microgreens!

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At TennesSeeds, our focus is on producing quality heirloom and open pollinated NON-GMO seeds. We seek to add more interesting, rare, and classic varieties to our catalog each year. If you like trying new varieties of new peppers and tomatoes, you are definitely in the right place!


We enjoy the "privilege of availability" when it comes to securing and growing all types of interesting veggie and fruit seeds. We also know that in many parts of the world this isn't true. We want to increase availability to places that need it, while spreading the love and knowledge that comes with providing food for yourself and community. If you can help with this, email us at

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