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Where do babies come from... the old fable says the cabbage patch. Golden Acre, however, can actually be picked from your own patch in just about 60 days. That's pretty quick to have a few of these babies to call your own.
Just like the dolls from the early 80's, these cabbage patch kids develop perfectly rounded heads that emerge from green and golden leaves. Although easy to grow, make sure you nurture your patch by first amending the soil with your organics of choice and then water evenly at soil level.
Soon you'll have your own patch of bulbous headed beauties resembling the baby dolls of your childhood... unless of course you weren't an 80's baby like me 😜

Depth 1/4"
Spacing 18"-24"
Germ 4-10 Days
Maturity ~60 Days

Cabbage - Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds

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