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Danvers 126 Carrot Seeds


What's up doc? These carrots are sweet like honey

And are the carrot of choice for the famed Bugs Bunny.

Now that might be true, or it might be a lie

But here's a few reasons you should give them a try.


First, these carrots are tolerant to heat.

They grow well in most soil and are sweet to eat.

They're easy to grow, just 75 days

And are used in the kitchen, a variety of ways.

So make salads, soups or a succulent side

They taste better when grown in you garden with pride.

Depth ¼”
Spacing 1-2"; Row Spacing: 2-3"

Germ 8-18 days

Maturity 75 days

Carrot - Danvers 126 Half Long Carrot Seeds

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