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Cilantro Seeds - Slow Bolt Coriander


Fragrant and tasty, its culinary place has been earned

But many more facts of this plant are unlearned.


Cilantro the greens, Coriander the seeds

There are two in each pod, indeed indeed.

Gently split in half, to increase germination

Of this herb that grows wild in east Asian nations.


Some don't like the taste, when you offer they say nope!

The aldehyde compounds to them taste like soap!

I have one more fact for you, since it's knowledge you crave

The oldest found pods were in Nahal Hemar Cave.


Depth ¼”-½”Spacing 4”-6”Germ 7-10 days

Maturity ~50 Days

Cilantro Seeds - Slow Bolt Coriander

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